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MERCAL - Consulting Group

Interview with João Ribeiro

Where did you learn the basics of running a business?
Immediately after finishing my university degree and after a "management training" in Edmar Group in Portugal, I was invited there to manage the Spanish subsidiary company for the local market. It was my first and very satisfying experience as I had to develop a professional project with high autonomy and responsibility out of my country. From there I made personal and professional relationships with several people with whom I still share friendly links.

Whom did you work with before becoming a consultant?
I worked for 13 years as CEO being responsible for the managing of MNE in my country and abroad. Very early on, I took on responsibility in managing organisations and people. At the age of 23 I started as CEO at Edmar Española and three years later I was manager director of Pedisana / Thies (also in the shoe manufacturing business). At 29 years old I was CEO of PAOL, the holding of Tagol Group and three years later I became managing director of Revlon Portugal. I started my own project in 1996, founding Mercal, where I centralised my human, professional and financial resources and setting up an original consulting concept at the disposition of every Portuguese SME's, with the aim of supporting them in their internalisation process. I capitalised on my scientific knowledge and contacts acquired over the years as well as my professional experience abroad, and I was also supported by the university where I have been a teacher ever since.

What will you do in ten years?
I would like to develop Mercal further, and try to spread our consulting concept of business and service to every Iberian SME which aim for competitiveness and internalisation.

What kind of people do you like to work with?
I like to work with interesting and creative people who allow a high degree of performance in the work they do. It is satisfying to exchange experiences, making our work more motivating and enriching.

Working for many years as a consultant you have managed many projects. Are there any really special ones among them?
At Mercal I have worked on over 100 projects in Europe, Africa and South America. Some of them have been challenging and highly rewarding experiences in personal terms due to their intercomplexity and multicultural contexts.

Why is your company a member of IMCN?
To be part of a network like IMCN brings like-minded people and their knowledge together, to help advise on specialised projects, businesses and foreign markets. Working with a network such as IMCN offers us the opportunity to develop foreign partners in countries that constitute potential markets for ourselves and our customers.

IMCN is a way to do that.

MERCAL - Consulting Group
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