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Our trusted network of consultants are recognised as thought leaders in selected fields of expertise as well as hands-on operatives at all levels in the organisation.
With our global perspectives, local experiences and a personal approach, we are the most attractive consultancy network in Europe.



We provide services to people and organisations to increase value through a wide range of consulting services. Together, we achieve breakthrough performance.
We serve clients from a variety of industries in both private and public sector, and with a broad set of challenges.
We enable our clients to creatively navigate and operate through increasing complexity and cultural demands in an ever changing world.

We are European because ...

European because ...


  • IMCN members offer extensive expertise as regional specialists from different European countries; speak several European languages and are able to lead cross-border projects and multinational/multicultural teams.
  • Our network offers access to the very latest market information and industry surveys within Europe.

We are Professional because ...

Professional because ...


  • Every consultant within IMCN has many years of professional experience, resulting in a consistently high standard of work.
  • All IMCN members offer the highest quality of consulting, covering all your individual needs and ensuring a successful outcome that opens the door to a wider network of professional services.

We are Personal because ...

Personal because ...


  • The IMCN vision is based on the understanding that effective and satisfactory consulting is derived from having confidence in the personal relationship between client and consultant.
  • The consultants who visit you are the people you will work with. They are committed to remain in the project for the duration of the assignment.


We are Independent because ...

Independent because ...


  • All IMCN member companies are privately owned, financially independent and pledge to the "Code of professional conduct" of FEACO.
  • The entrepreneurial and free spirit of the IMCN consultants means you have access to a quality source of innovative and practical improvements.