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Hommes & Performance

  • We are a consulting «boutique»
    Three partners, and 13 managing directors and consultants: We are a young company and we pay attention to the management and training of our consultants.
  • Our business is to help our clients perform in their own business
    This applies in all streams of our business; project management, organisation, change management.
  • Our mission is to help our clients to be more effective in their own work
    This entails that we first thoroughly understand what their business is and where the stakes are.
  • Our relationship with our clients is purely based on mutual trust
    It goes without saying that any mission can only be undertaken if and when our firm is free of any conflict of interests. We subsequently operate on the basis of total confidentiality, without limitation.
  • Our mission is to help our clients to address the right questions
    Relevance is what gives its «raison d'être» to our stepping into the affairs of our client. Our mission goes beyond mere problem solving: it is to help our clients identify the key issues they are facing and address them within a framework that is congruent with their business aims.
  • We offer what we master
    Our clients' leadership entails hard work, but also imagination and vision. We are ready to innovate in concert with and on behalf of a client in whom all three are present.
Hommes & Performance
17, rue de Châteaudun
75 009 Paris
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Contact +33 1 42 85 49 49