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Oslo Consulting Group AS

Interview with Harald Korn

Where did you learn the basics of running a business?
When I was in my teens, my father started his own construction business, and I spent most of my spare time working in his company. In the 3 years following my high school graduation, I served in the military, spent a year studying abroad, and continued to work as an assistant to my father whenever I was home.  During my academic years, I became a member of the student organisation AIESEC. I learnt a lot during my four years in this organisation, organising national and international conferences, helping to establish the organisation in other countries and serving as President of the National Committee in Norway. 

My first experience as a consultant – and indeed that of understanding how to run a consultancy business – came during my final years of studying. I was fortunate to work alongside some really experienced consultants and businessmen during these first years of my working career, and this proved to be the best “school” I could have ever attended.

Whom did you work with before becoming a consultant?
Well, I really started my career as a consultant. I stayed in my first job for 9 years, working my way from Junior Consultant to becoming a Partner.  During this time, I was also exposed to a couple of management for hire projects. I then worked for 4 years as the CEO of a medium-sized company in the field of electronics, before being recruited as a director for The Performance Group, a fairly large consultancy headquartered in Norway, with affiliations in Sweden and in England. After a couple of rounds of changing ownership in the group, I was instrumental in an MBO process and continued to lead this company for a total of 15 years. We then merged with the much larger company Rambøll, and a few years later I started the current business of Oslo Consulting Group.

What will you do in ten years?
Ten years from now, I will hopefully still be active as a consultant, still searching for the really good questions to ask my clients in order to disturb current thinking patterns and move them towards a higher level of value creation and well-balanced lives.

What kind of people do you like to work with?
Anyone with a curious and open mindset, a good sense of humour and a desire to spend some time to ponder the mysteries of life. 

Working for many years as a consultant you have managed many projects. Are there any really special ones among them?
I always enjoy the projects where I am challenged to deal with a multitude of national cultures, creative abrasions and organisational tensions – in environments where there at the same time is a great desire to do good.

Why is your company a member of IMCN?
Having spent a big part of my career working outside of Norway with international clients, we continue to attract customers with global agendas and cross boarder operations.  Working in a consultancy with a rather small core team, we rely on our international network of professionals in order to deliver. In IMCN I have found the exact right combination of good-hearted people with a high level of professional integrity – willing and eager to expand their own horizons. We have already completed successful joint projects with our IMCN partners, and we hope there will be more to come!

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