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Trond Parelius Johnsen; Collusor

Collusor Management Consulting
Collusor and Trond has since 2003 been an important and reliable member of IMCN. When he reduced his consulting work, IMCN made him Honorary Member to keep his knowledge and abilities in the network. When IMCN addressed their own future development, Trond was asked to initiate and run an internal process engaging all members. 

Trond has for several years obtained significant complementary knowledge such as a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and is practizing  EFT/TFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Thought Fields Techniques). Trond is an instructor in methods for changing mind structures and thinking habits. This helps clients to better handle traumatic experiences and recurring negative situations in a new way.

Trond will work 1-2 days per week and spend his time on a few special interests: 

  • Mentoring leaders and consultants in their personal and professional deveopment. 
  • Develop a new thinking on Executive Coaching under the umbrella “Beyond Coaching”. 
  • Give individual help to overcome personal hindrances and traumas that have a negative influence in peoples career or personal development. 


Collusor’s work and services 
Collusor worked primarely as project manager, facilitator or external resource in change processes with a focus on the strategic direction of the client’s organisation and based on organisational and management improvements and leadership development. Cultural adjustments was essential.
Trond has a broad background from 35 years of active consulting on executive level, from 2003 in his own independent consultancy. He has also been a consultant and boardmember for other consultancies. Trond has developed programs within excutive coaching, outplacement, top management recruiting and leadership development. 

Professional memberships and cooperations
Collusor is now a non-paying member of Abelia (The Organisation for Knowledge based Companies) under NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry). 

Trond is a senior member of Econa (The Norwegian Association of MBA’s and MB&E) and is a part of Econas Mentor program.

He is also an elder in Association for Social Development (ASD), a personal membership. 

Mission statement/consulting philosophy
Trond will as a Honorary Member of IMCN continue to network; in Norway primarely with Oslo Consulting Group.He will normally address all major projects to OCG, and will personally focus on Mentoring, Beyond Coaching and services in energetic teqniques and trauma release teqniques.  

Partner /senior consultants (short profile)

Trond holds two master degrees; Master of Business and Economics and Master of Management. He was early engaged in the oil development business on the British and Norwegian continental shelfs. He was the international purchasing manager of a Norwegian conglomerate serving projects in Africa, Middle East and Norway and has been involved in business development, trading and Oil Polution Control. 

His consulting experience cover a wide range of topics and roles and for a variety of industries and organizations. He has been President of the Norwegian Management Consulting Association for several years. His last years of consulting has primarely been linked to executive coaching and advicing in personal and leadership development for top management in large to medium sized international oriented organizations. 

He has over several years developed and learned special skills in order to help people change mind patterns, to handle difficult job situastions and overcome personal hindrances and/or traumas that hinder them in their professional and private life.

Trond Parelius Johnsen; Collusor
Collusor Management Consulting
Sandrevegen 3D
0378 Oslo
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Contact +47 93 09 76 00