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Hommes & Performance

Profile of the Member

Responsible person for the networkBruno Witz
Name of managing partner(s), executive director(s)Patrick Roth, Pierre Daru, Bruno Witz
Total number of consultants18
Number of associate management consultants (at least one entire assignment together)5


Corporate strategy
Mergers & acquisitions
New business startup
Organisational design & leadership
Change management
Management systems improvement
Capability building
Digital & IT transformation
Operations & process optimisation

Type of clients/branches (industry areas)

Consumer goods, food and agriculture
Chemical, pharma
Retail, wholesale
IT, telecommunication
Banking, finance and insurance
Service industries, entertainment, tourism, health
Public administration, non profit organisations
Investment goods, real estate, energy, raw materials

Consulting products or service packages (self-developed)

Sales network performance

Finance and human capital

Management control

Change Management

Corpotate university

International practice (foreign countries where assignments were completed; in order of priority)

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland

Professional membership and cooperations

  • Syntec Conseil en Management

Language ability in the firm

  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German

Mission statement / consulting philosophy

  • We are a consulting «boutique»
    Three partners, and 13 managing directors and consultants: We are a young company and we pay attention to the management and training of our consultants.
  • Our business is to help our clients perform in their own business
    This applies in all streams of our business; project management, organisation, change management.
  • Our mission is to help our clients to be more effective in their own work
    This entails that we first thoroughly understand what their business is and where the stakes are.
  • Our relationship with our clients is purely based on mutual trust
    It goes without saying that any mission can only be undertaken if and when our firm is free of any conflict of interests. We subsequently operate on the basis of total confidentiality, without limitation.
  • Our mission is to help our clients to address the right questions
    Relevance is what gives its «raison d'être» to our stepping into the affairs of our client. Our mission goes beyond mere problem solving: it is to help our clients identify the key issues they are facing and address them within a framework that is congruent with their business aims.
  • We offer what we master
    Our clients' leadership entails hard work, but also imagination and vision. We are ready to innovate in concert with and on behalf of a client in whom all three are present.

Credentials (short description of some typical assignments)

Successive assignments over three years:

  • Contribute to the analysis with regards to strengths / weaknesses of the performance of sales management
  • Design a new managing hierarchy, define roles and responsibility of the different management levels
  • Analyse gap between current skills and to-be skills and design a training program
  • Organise management and training channels for the various expertises required in the stores (food, non-food, cashier)

Consolidated revenue of the group is $ 1 to 1.5 billion revenues

  • The trigger was the obsolescence of the accounting and controlling system
  • A two-year project was launched to:

    • Design the vision and scope of the project: change the IS, change organisation of financial staff, develop the financial culture of non-financial staff
    • Design the future accounting, reporting and purchasing processes
    • Design of reporting schedules of different departments
    • Help in the choice of new software
    • Pilot the project and roll out new processes
    • Run change management including communication and organisation trainings etc.

Selection of important and well known clients (location)

Le Monde
BNP Paribas

Partners / senior consultants short profile

BRUNO WITZ – partner and managing director
Bruno, 45 years old, married with three boys and engineer of the Institut National Agronomique (Paris), has over 20 years experience in management consulting. After 10 years of experience working for international consulting companies (Accenture, 1989-93 and Bossard Consultants, 1994-99), he joined Hommes & Performance.
Bruno is in charge of developing a management controlling approach in the pro-
jects for our customers. He runs projects for a wide range of customers, in terms of size (from French SMB to international groups), sectors (distribution, mechanics, luxury, services) and topics (accounting, logistics, implementation of ERPs). The common point of all these projects is to use figures and economic elements as objective insights to sustain decision making, building of new processes, systems and organisation.
Recently, Bruno also experienced finance and controlling assignments in "niche" sectors, such as press & publishing and ready-to-wear.
Internally, Bruno is in charge of developing people and skills related to our "finance and management controlling" approach and is also in charge of supervising Hommes & Performance's administration.
Bruno has given lectures at HEC (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales), in Paris. He is currently a member of the DFCG (the French Finance Directors and Controllers Association). Weekends are dedicated to family and rowing.

PIERRE DARU – partner and managing director
Pierre is 46 years old, married with two children. He graduated in business administration and management. He started his career at L’Oréal, working for five years in France and overseas, as a brand manager working on product image development in a BtoBtoC environment. He then joined Interflora for a year to manage marketing and sales for the BtoB department. He made a career change to consultancy in 1996 and has worked successively as consultant, manager and partner of Hommes & Performance.
As a consultant, he has gained significant experience in the field of change management. His skills have enabled him to work successfully with large companies and also smaller dynamic firms, advising them through major changes in their culture or business model.

PATRICK ROTH – partner and managing director
Education as a Civil Engineer ESTP, working in Africa for a while, then joining Bull Company as internal controller in charge of supervising logistics for Northern Europe. At the same time he graduated with an MBA in Paris Sorbonne. In 1986 Patrick joined BOSSARD consulting in its general management and organisation area. Over five years, he worked for many groups in strategic and organisation design and follow up projects.
Then he decided to join a group that specialised in technical products distribution, as CFO. He was responsible for the merge of several companies. In 1995 he became an external consultant for the group and joined other friends dealing in consultancy, now named Hommes & Performance. Becoming partner and managing director in 2000, he has been chairman since 2005. In 2009, Patrick was elected administrator of Syntec Conseil en Management, the French professional branch for management consulting. At Hommes & Performance he is in charge of offering and partnership development, and contributes to both management and organisation areas. He shares his working time between three roles: consulting customers on specific projects, developing the business and customer relationship, and running the team and the company. His free time and weekends are with family and friends playing music, cooking and enjoying rugby.

Hommes & Performance
17, rue de Châteaudun
75 009 Paris
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