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ARCOM Management Consulting

Interview with André C. Wohlgemuth

Where did you learn the basics of running a business?
I'm still learning! But I started early as I walked around my grandfather's factory when I was six years old. Some years later I earned my first salary in my father's firm. I developed successful products and I wanted to surpass my father ....... so I became a management consultant. 


Whom did you work with, before becoming a consultant?
During my university years I gained a lot of practice in the printing and editing industry. I had experiences in retail with teaching and in the design business. I also worked with IBM ("Big blue" 1978!). After three years as research assistant at Zurich University I worked with Credit Suisse as project manager. I had to implement an innovative management development system for 400 top managers of the global Swiss bank. Two years later the main job was done and one of the large Swiss management consulting firms hired me. To this day, nobody has protected me from this crazy profession. 


What will you do in ten years?
If God gives me a chance: undertaking work with challenging people, diving with my wife at "hot" places around the world and popularising consulting in our society. 


What kind of people do you like to work with?
People who stimulate themselves and me, to achieve excellence in work. People who are open minded or highly creative and - very important - honest. 


And some bad characterstics?
I prefer to look at the semi full glass of wine instead of the half empty one. 


Is there someone whom you would describe as very intelligent?
All who are more intelligent than me (I think there are many ........) After working many years as a consultant I have managed many projects. Are there any really special among them?Oh yes, so many! Give me a call and tell me what you are most interested in: "Father, Son & Co.", "Be a good policeman", "Sex and crime", "Death at work", "The emperor's new clothes", "Kill my boss", "The fighting brothers", "McKinsey was here", "Kindergarden", "Cherchez la femme" ....... 


Why is your company a member of IMCN?
Because I dreamt about a professional network of top management consultants from all European cultures also becoming good friends! 

ARCOM Management Consulting
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