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Accompanying the sale of a traditional company due to a refused family succession

Learn how a traditional medium-sized construction company navigated a generational change and successfully sold their business within a short timeframe with the help of a professional M&A advisor, who provided support throughout the entire process from initial negotiations to post-merger integration.   > read more

Employee survey and monitoring the resulting new measures

A market leader in the field of special machinery for the international automotive industry asked ANXO to carry out an employee survey...   > read more

Development and implementation of a new governance and organisational structure

For medium-sized companies, the integration in an international group often comes with the reorganisation of existing company structures. Such changes are usually characterised by personnel changes, either partially or directly affecting the Executive Committee. Therefore, the involvement of the relevant executives as wells as all employees is the key factor for the success of the implementation.   > read more

Creating team spirit and openness for change with the instrument “value circle”

Our client is a leading, worldwide-operating German company in the special machine construction industry. In the past years, a number of companies have been acquired and it is now important for the cooperation between the different company parts to be developed and improved.   > read more

How to digitalise a European mail-order business?

Our client, a successful holding company, which acts as a strategic roof for numerous independent and attractive fashion and lifestyle brands operating in the mail order business, asked ANXO MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GmbH to support its transformation from a traditional mail order business to a multi channel retailer.   > read more

How to develop a concept of product management for a European service card provider?

Our client, a leading provider of international service and refueling cards throughout Europe, asked ANXO MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GmbH to develop and define a central product management.   > read more

How to develop an international e-commerce strategy and set up distribution channels

How to guide a global consumer goods company to develop and implement a tailor-made e-commerce strategy which is in line with the general strategy? See how to set up new distribution channels.   > read more

How to enter the European market?

Every marketplace follows its own rules. The same applies to the German automotive market. That means, even competitive products do not automatically succeed in new geographic markets. The key to a successful and sustainable market development is a consistently elaborated and executed market entry strategy.   > read more
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