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New global market intelligence tool for stategic decisions

Completed by: TIPMC GmbH

Our client was a privately held company based in the US as a leader in the T&D industry (electric transmisson and distribution) globally serving OEMs and utilities. The company decided to optimise their product portfolio and market approach based on regional
demand and profitability.

TIPMC was assigned to develop a market intelligence tool as a basis for strategic decisions. The assignment included the sourcing and structure of requested databases as well as the implementation and management of the market intelligence tool throughout the company.

The project challenge was to coordinate the requests of central HQ located in USA, having a locally based global sales team, feeding the defined project database with requested inputs. With the support of the US based HQ, finding a common agreement on a useful database structure was the first step. The input database had to be double checked with available data from competitors, global market databases and historical figures. In addition, the sustainable feeding and update of the set database was an
integrated part of the project approach.

The top down and bottom up review of the input data set the relevant reliability of the developed market intelligence database. The ongoing feeding is finally extremely relevant for the regional market approach as well as the base information in order to set the industrial footprint. Having these important strategic base market intelligence and decision parameters in mind, the motivation of all the stakeholders involved to achieve a successful result was very high. The work of the core team and weekly standup with the supervisory board lead to an alignment of all parties involved and also to a successful coaching of the team even working via online communication tools and via implemented systematic loop.

The result of the agreed and finalised market intelligence tool was an improvement of the industrial footprint and higher profitability. Further, based on market outlook and business conditions as well as regional profitability, the management decided to focus the international activities on fewer sites with a higher priority on sustainability and profitability of the local business. The awareness of the useful implementation and permanent feeding of this market intelligence tool as a basis for strategic decisions was achieved within the entire organisation.

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