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Employee survey and monitoring the resulting new measures

A market leader in the field of special machinery for the international automotive industry asked ANXO to carry out an employee survey. A professional employee survey can promote mutual trust and improve cooperation and thus have a noticeable impact on the company’s success. In the past, an employee survey had already been conducted by a non-specialised employee of the company, resulting in the subjective perception among the employees that the survey had not been professionally designed and the results had not been communicated and supported sufficiently. Therefore, ANXO was asked to carry out a follow-up employee survey, aiming to gain acceptance within the company by conducting a professionally designed survey and guaranteeing the neutrality provided by an external organisation. Acceptance within the company is crucial to gain knowledge about the working atmosphere and to derive strategic follow-up measures. In addition, the employee survey was used to reveal the development since the previous employee survey.

In a first step, a questionnaire was designed together with the company to measure employee satisfaction and well-being.  The questionnaire was made available both online and in paper form. This ensured a high participation rate, as it took into account the accessibility of employees in the office as well as employees in the production department. Targeted communication of the guarantee of anonymity ensured that the staff’s acceptance of the survey increased. For the evaluation of the employee survey, the results were graphically prepared and analysed. The results were not only presented and analysed by departments but also by socio-demographic affiliation. This made it possible to precisely identify trends and to recognise at an early stage the problems requiring action in specific departments.  

The communication of the results of the employee survey was supported by ANXO. Here, ANXO took on the role of a neutral authority in order to increase the acceptance of the results among the staff. Within this framework, optimisation potentials were also developed together with the managers and within the employees in the departments. ANXO used the results as a basis for developing and implementing measures. In addition to workshops to discuss conflicts, this also included conducting individual interviews in departments needing action.

The general working atmosphere in the company was accurately communicated to the management and the department heads. ANXO was able to successfully create trust and acceptance for the employee survey among the employees, so that a high participation survey rate could be achieved. Employees were given the opportunity to contribute wishes, needs and suggestions, which further led to an increase in employee commitment. Cultural problems in the company were identified and addressed. The employee survey was instrumental as a basis for the development of follow-up measures, which were also supported by ANXO. The management commissioned conflict moderation in selected departments, which was taken over by ANXO. A leadership coaching was initiated for selected managers and an employee development programme was also carried out. Thus, the employee survey was successfully used by the management for strategic corporate management.

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