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A cross-functional approach to operations transformation

Completed by: Hommes & Performance

One of our clients in the Transport & Logistics Industry, with an expertise in Last Mile Delivery, decided to create an operations department common to all the brands and activities of the group.


Background and goals 

How to integrate four subsidiaries recently acquired in order to switch from an association of SMEs to a Group while reinforcing the operational intelligence? How to deal with a cultural lack of collaboration among the executive committee and between the operations management.

We offered to create a real common project to develop a collaborative culture among middle managers. Everything that we implemented was based on strong client-consultant collaboration.



Definition of clear objectives and stakeholders’ engagement

Set up working groups at the middle management level to discuss the potential value gain and to take into account business line needs.


Perform a value analysis to:

• enhance the operating expertise of all parties,

• identify cross-functional dependencies,

• determine each subsidiary’s distinctive characteristics that bring performance.


Work breakdown structure development: the quick-wins quest

Set up twenty projects to get breakthrough performance based on the value analysis (of the steering system, processes, the organisation, etc.).


People & Culture transformation

Pinpoint the capabilities and characterics the “New manager” need in order to impact performance (his approach to business, to people management, his values).

Inspire a new mindset, share and adapt the management framework to each business line. 

Renew the values framework to foster crossfunctional collaboration in the four business lines.

Create a corporate training academy to reinforce and enhance the first level of managers in order to establish operational excellence in those closest to the field.


Key success factors 

The introduction of an unprecedented way of working for the company.

A strategic and operational analysis which enabled employees (HR, operations, sales, marketing) to make proposals and decisions 99% of the time.

An analysis-centered approach which reinforced collaborative work and transformed decision-making by laying out the issues first before getting into the solving-mode.

The transformation created by the middle management to change the corporate culture (30 to 40 people) with the active presence of sales and support functions.

The setup of solutions to better serve the client, the employees and the subsidiaries, consistent with the Group’s vision and mission.



A fantastic human journey of more than three years and a transformed mindset.

The creation of new organisations (while leaving some parts unchanged), new responsibilities, new processes.

Greater comfort to the employees which allowed an economic gain (gross margin improved by 3 points).

Improved business operations: more cost-effective, more comfortable for the employees and more efficient for the client.

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