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Business breakfast "Doubling profits without increasing sales"


On the 27th of October 2021 was held a business breakfast on "Doubling profits without increasing sales". The event was held by Kaizen Institute Russia for company owners and managers. Senior Partner Lyubov Gorbunova attended it and expressed her impressions:

"The meeting made a very positive impression: the participants lively shared their experiences and problems. Our colleagues from the Russian branch of the Kaizen Institute on the example of the work done told about the principles and benefits of the kaizen approach to change.

Head of the bus fleet turned to consultants with a request to find ways to improve the productivity of technical equipment and staff.

The specifics of haulage services is such that business can't increase the profit part, and the whole productivity increase is possible only through cost optimization and change of work technology. Listening to the story of my colleagues I realized that the logic of their actions was very close and clear to me.

Several years ago we were invited by the Director of Production with a similar request. Then the STEP Consulting, just as Kaizen Institute met with the direct participants of the production process, created "quality circles" and together with them found new approaches, ranging from changes in routine operations and ending with the revision of the management system. But unlike our colleagues in the kaizen system, we spend much less time building a change team. It seems to be in the Japanese unhurried tradition when before initiating changes leaders-adepts of future management system are grown for six months, and only after that you can bring the idea to the masses. Of course, it is very useful when there is a core inside the company that will support the changes. We usually can't afford to drag out the process of change and find other ways - for example, organizational changes start at the pilot site, where there is someone to lean on, who will accept the idea and be able to implement it, and then the successful experience spreads throughout the company.


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