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Case festival in ASCONCO


On February 1, 2018, Evgenii Emelianov and Svetlana Emelianova performed at the Case Festival - 2018 with the presentation "STEP style consulting. A trivial story."


This Case festival was arranged by the Association of Consulting Companies (ASCONCO) to create a space, where consultants can share the best practices and real cases. The meeting was a start of celebration series on 10th anniversary of ASCONCO.


The STEP Consulting founders introduced the standard change management case. This project was started in 2014 and proceeds for now. During this period, the changes have affected all spheres of the company life - from the corporate management bodies to all infrastructural units: IT, finance, logistics, marketing, procurement, personnel, etc.


The following four indicators are considered to be main results of the project: two times increased turnover of Client Company; shifting the Client Company from the top ten to top three market leaders; professional improvement of the founders, who understand their positions of market makers; clear short-term and long-term business goals in intelligible Company development process.


A lot of questions followed the story, the audience wanted to know everything from the owners’ consulting methods to detailed refinements of the working process.


“We wanted to tell you about this project, because, on one hand, this is a typical change management case. The client approaches with one request, usually quite private. And after being started, changes, like a snowball, affect all areas of company life. The job of the consultants is to prioritize, speed up or slow down the process, preventing the company from “getting lost” in innovations. On the other hand, this is a large-scale project, which we are proud of. And this project is sure to take a significant place in the professional experience of our company”- says Evgenii Emelianov, President of  STEP Consulting.


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