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Buy and build strategy for a stock listed Dutch company results in a new and successful division

Van Oortmerssen Organisatie Advies won an assignment to develop a buy and build strategy in order to found a new division of industrial services. The stock listed company was known throughout the Netherlands in the area of road construction, housing and office-building. In order to focus on a new market segment related to industrial maintenance, a new niche strategy was developed.   > read more

Restructing a manufacturer in the energy sector

The Dutch daughter company «X» of a Europe-wide operating German steel conglomerate is in big trouble. «X» produces huge heatexchangers for the European energy industry (power plants). The reason for the troubles is their cost structure which is 55% higher than the Korean competitor‘s. In the last few years «X» tried to explain this fact with the argument of higher quality.   > read more

How to judge investments in hedge funds - a Dutch case of a 320 million Euro branch investment

A remarkable Dutch experience - At the end of the year 2007 management consultancy firm Van Oortmerssen Organisatie-Advies was approached to execute a due diligence process and was asked to judge two proposals from two major Dutch Banks. The diligence process was developed by us through a tailor-made judgement of criteria on behalf of these two interest-groups.   > read more
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