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Announcement of the 124th issue of "Business Life"


Presenting the next issue of Business Life, where we tell the stories of real businesses past and present, examine the stories of their victories and defeats, analyze data and have a glimpse into the future. Enjoy reading!


Here is our 124th issue


1. CASES: "Two of a Kind"


We answer the question "How can distribution and marketing work together to make it work?" and present arguments from our own practice. 


2. BUSINESS RAKES CLUB: "Solve problems together"


The speakers at the 33rd meeting of the Club were the creators of the unique electronic platform "Square", which aims to enable HOA members to make collective decisions effectively.




We study a new and unusual specialisation - Customer Success Manager: who is he and what should he do in a company?


4. ARTICLE. (trans., foreign source): "Employment prospects. Building a better world of employment".


Infographics from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development: answers to questions about business recovery after the pandemic.



"Impact investment" of the last century, using the creation of a sheep breeding project in Siberia as an example.


In addition, news, pearls from the "Consultant's Notebook" and congratulations!


Attention! If you would like to spread the word about your product/service, the Business Life edition is ready to provide a special advertising block both in the paper version and in the Internet variant.


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