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New book by Evgeny Emelianov and Svetlana Emelianova


A new book "The fifth leg. Advisory Board for SMEs. Catechism." was published recently by Evgeny Emelianov and Svetlana Emelianova. This is the first publishing for corporate SMEs management issued in Russia.


The book is unique as it is the analysis’ result of consulting experience with more than 50 Russian companies operating in the Russian market today. In all of them, the creation of corporate management system and advisory boards, as their component, was the key point for the business’ development at a certain stage of the company life.


The book is written in easy-to-read style and contains a lot of real cases. The genre of the catechism (questions and answers) was chosen deliberately to make finding interesting topic easy for the reader. The auditorium of this book is the company owners, members of advisory boards, business consultants and professors - everyone who wants to get immersed in the realities of corporate management of SMEs in Russia.


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