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Big Change in Trading Company

Completed by: STEP Consulting


Step Consulting was approached by the owner of a trading company. His request was to bring the company up to date and to implement effective methods of business management. He felt that company was in a position not only to excel in comparison to its competitors, but also to redirect the market. The problem that he was facing was that the organisational processes and mechanisms were not ready for the breakthrough necessary to achieve this.

At the first meeting with the company’s CEO, our consultants realised that her business management approach was a stumbling block to business development. She had worked her way up through the company from the position of shop assistant to her current CEO position over a period of 20 years. She was familiar with both the market and competitors and was respected as an authority figure by the employees. However, she had not had any formal education in the business sphere and used methods and tools of management that she had devised herself. The CEO considered the owner’s goals and plans to be too ambitious and did not believe them to be realistic. Hiring another CEO was not an option, as she was the company’s acknowledged leader.


Step Consulting started the implementation process by creating a Board of Directors. Each week the senior executive team discussed the company’s performance and explored methods of problem solving. The CEO followed this by starting to make regular reports to the owner. She realized that these reports were also useful for her. In addition, the consultants suggested implementing a planning algorithm that shifted more responsibility from the CEO to other managers. The development of management policies, such as   client and supplier relationship management, assortment renewal, etc. took place. Finally, the company started to work online.


After a period of two years, the second phase was implemented with the company entering new product and client segments. Additionally, brand recognition and brand awareness were increased and business performance was improved. Moreover, changes were clearly evident in the CEO regarding her approach to business management, her philosophy, as well as the manner in which she conducted business. The firms performance is developing very well.

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