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Profile of the Member

Responsible person for the networkKim Karme
Name of managing partner(s), executive director(s)Kim Karme, Petri Laulajainen, Herbert Lundström, Pekka Susi, Tom Store, Ara Tähtinen
Total number of consultants6


We work in the field of Operative Excellence delivering sustainable business transformation through people. Our methodology is based on Design Thinking. We are specialised in Growth, Performance improvement and Leadership development. We also assist companies in implementing digitalisation and the SDG’s.

Corporate strategy
Mergers & acquisitions
Marketing & sales strategy
Management systems improvement
Operations & process optimisation
Organisational design & leadership
Change management

Type of clients/branches (industry areas)

Consumer goods, food and agriculture
Investment goods, real estate, energy, raw materials
Chemical, pharma
Retail, wholesale
IT, telecommunication
Banking, finance and insurance
Service industries, entertainment, tourism, health
Energy & Utilities Sector
Other Services Sector

International practice (foreign countries where assignments were completed; in order of priority)

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Australia
  • Ukraine

Professional membership and cooperations

The Finnish Management Consultant Association

The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce

Language ability in the firm

  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • English

International certification

Certifiied Management Consultant, CMC, 21.1.2001

(Recertification 31.3.2020)

Mission statement / consulting philosophy

We work in the field of Operative Excellence delivering sustainable business transformation through people. Our methodology is based on Design Thinking. We are specialised in Growth, Performance improvement and Leadership development. We also assist companies in implementing digitalisation and the SDG’s.



Credentials (short description of some typical assignments)

Defending the leading market position
Opportunity identification to offset threats of growing low-cost competition. Identifying that competitive edge needs to be achieved in areas of waste reduction, a fluent production flow and high customer satisfaction rather than by tackling labour prices. Establishing new working methods by involving all levels of management and staff, leading to production and delivery taking place according to a fixed plan, resulting in 10% increase in production efficiency and 15% reduction in waste plus significantly increasing client satisfaction due to improved delivery accuracy and predictivity. Better control and management of production process facilitating digitalisation of supervision and maintenance of factory floor management.

Retail chain service concept implementation
Integration of new supermarket chain with previous customer base remaining unchanged.
Conducting a study of strengths of previous chain’s concept and brand as well as its customer perception leads to finding that no significant change required to maintain client loyalty. Addressing the challenge to increase client purchase necessitates a detailed study of food and non-food product categories, including sales statistics at other comparable supermarkets and internal logistics. Improvement of shop concept slightly increases client base. Focusing on product placement in food categories and by reallocating to sales service the time freed up from diminishing inhouse logistics, the pilot supermarket achieved its first positive result in five years.

Selection of important and well known clients (location)

Intrum Justitia
Pernod Ricard
SAS Group

Partners / senior consultants short profile

KIM KARME – Partner & CEO
Kim Karme has been working as a business advisor since 1991. He has a strong reputation especially in productivity improvement, supply chain management and logistics. During his career he has also on several occasions advised multinational companies on direct investments and cross-border trade with Russia and the Baltic countries. Behind Kim Karme’s pleasant and extrovert personality is hiding a very result oriented, multitalented and communicative business advisory professional. He is CMC (Certificated Management Consultant) and by education MSc. (econ).

Petri Laulajainen has been improving profitability and productivity of major companies around the world from Scandinavia to Australia. Over 27 years of experience, including position as Vice-President of Scandinavian Sales-Coordination, Director, Senior Partner and Chairman. Mr. Laulajainen also has extensive experience in strategy development and change management disciplines. Being equipped with great visionary capabilities and strategic abilities Petri Laulajainen’s assignment portfolio is full of success stories. Having also held challenging sales executive positions he is a good negotiator, listener and communicator. Nevertheless, he takes care of duties with superior professionalism and a punctuality rarely seen within the industry. Petri Laulajainen has diplomas in Behavior Science from Impac University Florida, a Higher Diploma in Business Administration and an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics in Finland.

Herbert Lundström is a Senior Business Advisor, mainly working in the fields of Business Process Development, Change Management, Strategic Implementation and Leadership and training/lecturing. In addition, he works as a certified professional business coach. Herbert Lundström is experienced in a large range of development and management issues in different functions (i.e. sales, marketing, production, logistics, R&D, administration etc.) of the company. As a person Herbert Lundström is socially active, cooperative and attentive, but at the same time challenges present beliefs and activity patterns. In addition, when decisions have been made, he rolls up his sleeves and starts right away to put things into practise. He is by education MSc. (agric.econ).

TOM STORE – Partner
Tom Store is a Senior Business Advisor with broad and deep experience from a large variety of industries. Besides this he has, during his 30 years in business consulting, built a unique mix of business process and IT knowledge enabling him to successfully deploy productive business solutions with well aligned IT support. Mr. Store is a business professional full of creativity, energy and decisiveness, always delivering what is agreed. But he is also respectful, attentive and the kind of business advisor who always has a supportive and communicative mind-set visible. He is by education MSc. (econ).

PEKKA SUSI – Partner & Chairman of the Board
Pekka Susi, is a result oriented Sales Executive, multitalented Business Advisor and Developer and an experienced Board Professional. His clientele includes companies throughout Europe, the British Isles and Scandinavia in particular. Pekka Suni’s entrepreneurial mindset, analytical business thinking and excellent training skills have helped tens of businesses to significantly streamline operations, improve sales figures and profitability and renew their management system. He is by education BSc. (mil).

Ara Tähtinen is a Senior Business Advisor equipped with a unique blend of international top management experience and deep financial management expertise. In addition, he is experienced in business strategy planning and implementing successful business turnarounds. As a financial expert he helps and consults businesses in tackling their financial management challenges, might these be internal profitability, asset-liability, cash flow, taxation matters or merger driven due diligence processes. He is by education BSc. (econ) and auditor.

Liehlahdentie 2 A
00200 Helsinki
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Contact +358 50 411 5458