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Collusor Management Consulting

Profile of the Member

Responsible person for the networkTrond Parelius Johnsen
Name of managing partner(s), executive director(s)Trond Parelius Johnsen
Total number of consultants1
Number of associate management consultants (at least one entire assignment together)5


For several years Collusor have obtained significant complementary knowledge such as a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), practising EFT/TFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Thought Fields Techniques) in Executive Coaching. Some clients have used our methods for changing mind structures and thinking habits as well as being better able to handle traumatic experiences and recurring situations in a new way. We have also opened for helping managers that will not use the company to pay for the services for themselves or family members.

Change management
Change management and innovation projects
Mergers & acquisitions
Cooperation between different companies or entities
Post merger integration support
Organisational design & leadership
Organisation development
Management and leadership development
Corporate strategy
Capability building
Executive coaching and outplacement
External support. Beyond taditional executive coaching

Type of clients/branches (industry areas)

Retail, wholesale
Service industries, entertainment, tourism, health
Public administration, non profit organisations
Investment goods, real estate, energy, raw materials

Consulting products or service packages (self-developed)

Executive coaching


Management recruiting

International practice (foreign countries where assignments were completed; in order of priority)

  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

Professional membership and cooperations

  • Abelia (The Organisation for Knowledge based Companies)
  • NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry)
  • Econa (The Norwegian Association of MBA’s and MB&E)

Language ability in the firm

  • Norwegian
  • English
  • Swedish
  • Danish

Mission statement / consulting philosophy

Collusor is a networking management consultancy, working as facilitator or external resource in change processes to help clients reach new business-oriented, organisational or developmental goals. To obtain the agreed strategic direction of the client’s organisation, we focus primarily on organisational and management improvements, as well as leadership development.
Collusor also acts as an external resource in processes where clients aim to improve their abilities in any strategic direction, to help innovation and to benefit from cultural adjustments.
Collusor always bases its operation on business ethics and social responsibility. For every project that reaches a turnover of NOK 100,000 (approx.  € 11,500), Collusor purchases six months supply of specially developed nutritional food for a child in selected areas of the world, offering the client the opportunity to continue the donation.

Credentials (short description of some typical assignments)

We have supported the company with management and specialist services for several years. In the process from a state owned monopoly to the largest of three major wholesalers, several managers have drawn upon our company as an external resource and sparring partner. We have been involved in recruitment, coaching, revitalising and management development, helping the organisation to succeed through the changes.  

A Norwegian electronic manufacturer was acquired by an international enterprise and we have performed several top management recruitments and been coaching managers in different situations. They have all shown ability to increase the activities and meet the required performance and results of the organisation.

We were project managers in an extensive change process. The industry was conservative, government directed and monopolised with little or no willingness to change. The programmes included specific training for the top and middle management as well as board members. We performed work-shops with all employees to implement new thinking and to support management and organisational development. The changes in culture, attitudes, focus, working habits etc. challenged the organisation and the entire industry. The processes led to new strategies and continuous changes putting the branch organisation in a position to provide new and relevant services to the members and is also representing all the market actors towards the political and legal authorities.  

The owners and leading partners in a major civil architecture firm were rapidly entering retirement age. We created a process with the owners and the management to establish a new strategic consciousness about the company's future. A new and enlarged management team was established and through processes the partners developed individual management style and strengths. The assignment succeeded and both previous and new owners are satisfied with the new situation. The company has proved its existence and competence by winning large projects to be developed over the coming ten years offering further opportunities for growth.

A small and specialised industrial plant was becoming “non-core” for the owners due to industrial changes. The process was to establish the unit as a service provider to all competing chains in the market and preferably get them all as equal part owners. All the chains were parts of international conglomerates with little experience in the country. It seemed impossible to find a new ownership at the time, but the unit became well established as a service provider to all the chains and many of the independent operators in the market.

The organisation which operates in the safety and rescue of people, as well as equipment faced two periods of difficulty few years apart leading to new strategic situations and a potentially dramatic fall in income. During these difficult operational circumstances, we supported the organisation with investigations and recommendations, working closely with management to attack and resolve the situations. We operated as sparring partners for CEO's during the transition periods, and in both situations we helped the organisation find ways to compensate for the loss of income. The organisation is now running very satisfactorily.

For 15 years we have been working with outplacement, primarily on the executive level, and as executive coach for managers in a wide variety of industries and organisations. The processes have been very personal and offering individual and intensive feedback throughout the programmes. Most of the participants consider this a very important change and as an important period in their life, have obtained a clear picture of their resources and newly acquired abilities to handle difficult situations more successfully.

Selection of important and well known clients (location)

Norsk Medisinaldepot (NMD) ASA / Celesio AG
Det norske Veritas
Medplan AS
Flextronics International, Norway

Partners / senior consultants short profile

Trond Parelius Johnsen founded Collusor in 2003. He has over 30 years of consulting experience. He holds a Master of business and economics and added a master of management to his knowledgebase in 2001. Engaged in some of the first oil and gas development projects in Norwegian waters he became the purchasing manager of the international divisions of one of Norway’s largest manufacturing companies, serving projects in Africa, the Middle East and Norway. His experience also covers business development, trading and oil pollution control. As a consultant he started with recruitment and personal development and as a senior consultant he has established units for top management selection and outplacement. He became a partner and for a period the chairman of the board of a well established consultancy in Norway. He has often been leader of projects for change, improvements, management development, leadership development and organisation development. In his operations as a consultant he covers different roles such as a research specialist, project manager, a fascilitator and executive coach. Trond Parelius Johnsen was elected the president of The Norwegian Association of Management Consultancies in 2001 and was reelected every year
thereafter until the association became a part of Abelia. He helped to integrate the MC activities into the Abelia administration for a couple of years.
Collusor Management Consulting
Guvernørens vei 5a, II
0248 Oslo
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Contact +47 22 52 52 76