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New organisation and new systems for competing global markets

Type of Client

FARAME S.A. was created in 1983 and is a leading wire business , predominantly dealing in supermarket trolleys. It also acts in other market segments, such as the car industry, postal services and logistics.

Problem, Solution and Added Value

When faced with the evolution of an enlargement of its organisational structure, the implementation of a Management Innovating System (MIS) was necessary. With the help of Portugal-based MERCAL, this was made possible in order to improve the competence and positioning of FARAME in the global markets. The system is innovative and pioneering work in Portugal, our country, as it simultaneously involves three areas: Quality, Environment & Health, and Safety at Work, seeking organisational improvements at various levels. With the development of this management integrated system FARAME would be able to increase its productivity and profitability. The MIS was optimised and adjusted using the new management objectives and necessities of monitoring FARAME’s Strategic and Operational Plans.

MERCAL has simultaneously developed an International Strategic Marketing plan for FARAME in response to market demand and its competitors, to promote a strong positioning in its current markets and to enter new international markets. Mercal structured the marketing area and a Direct Marketing plan was implemented to assess potential customers supported by a CRM tool.

To support the organization move towards a stronger marketing orientation, MERCAL developed and implemented a leadership training program covering the new objectives and goals. These goals were defined for the organisation, its corporate strategy, repositioning business units and organisation development. This training program promoted a strong leadership and the necessary competences to leaders and managers at all levels, regarding the future challenges. 

Today, the corporation has a strong international focus in countries such as France, Spain, UK, Portuguese speaking countries and also Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Luxemburg, Italy, Morocco, Turkey and Malaysia.

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