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Hot times, fights and a difficult situation

The sewage disposal of the city of Zurich consists of a sewer system (1000 km; value 5 billion Swiss Francs) and a modern sewage works (a company consisting of 250 employees). Due to the corruption of one individual, a parliamentary fact-finding commission was convened in 1995 to come to terms with outstanding legal issues. Uncertainty, rumours and accusations created mistrust and a tense atmosphere.

The city council charged the consulting team of ARCOM Management Consulting to develop the most appropriate process to implement necessary changes in order to:

  • Ease tensions
  • Develop a new mission statement as well as an appropriate organisation structure to support the cultural change in the direction of consolidation

After two years, the assignment was successfully completed, with expectations exceeded. As a side benefit, a potential for cost reduction of 100 millions Swiss Francs emerged which resulted in a reduction of fees for customers.

«In difficult situations - such as the public being suspicious of criminal activity in an entire department - it is important not only to come to terms with the past but also focus on the future and further potential. The project continues to be successful because the ARCOM consultants paid equal attention to the aspects of business administration as well as psychological and political ones».

Kathrin Martelli, City Councillor of Zurich (2005)

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