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Executive coaching – with unorthodox methods

In spring 2011, Trond Parelius Johnson, the owner of Norwegian member, Collusor Management Consulting AS, received a special assignment. A young female director, working for a Norwegian multinational service provider, was due to host an international conference. She was extremely anxious about public speaking and one of her colleagues suggested her asking Trond for help. After two intensive sessions involving a variety of different methods and exercises, she felt prepared to do the job. After the conference, Trond received the following message from her, which she later authoried him to translate and publish.

“Dear Trond
I just want you to know that the conference went very well. I felt in full control of myself and the situation, with the necessary amount of adrenalin. I even got to the point where I felt it to be fun! I skipped the introduction the professional writer had provided me and used my own words; they were, as you said, easy to remember.

To my great astonishment, the auditorium felt like a small room compared to my expectations, and the group of 140 people was not frightening anymore!

I made my opening speech, as learned by heart, and thereafter I handled the programme more and more freely. I improvised and even told a funny story that made the audience laugh.

I feel so happy that I did it - and now - I know that I can. Thank you ever so much for taking me through all your different – and to me – very unfamiliar exercises. They sure work! Now I feel tremendous relief and joy. I’m so grateful to you and proud of myself. Many thanks again and a big hug to you!

Love from… “

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