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As a network of highly qualified small management consultancies, we aim to provide the most competitive strategy consulting services to internationally operating clients.

We are European because ...

European because ...


  • IMCN members offer extensive expertise as regional specialists from different European countries.
  • They all have working experience in different countries; speak several European languages and are able to lead crossborder projects and multinational/multicultural teams.
  • Our network offers access to the very latest market information and industry surveys within Europe.
  • The IMCN cooperates with carefully selected professionals from all over the world.

We are Professional because ...

Professional because ...


  • Every consultant within IMCN has many years of professional experience, resulting in a consistently high standard of work.
  • All IMCN members offer the highest quality of consulting, covering all your requirements and ensuring a successful outcome.
  • Members work together on assignments and meet regularly to discuss the latest issues and develop their practice.
  • All IMCN members are carefully selected, and pledge to the "Code of professional conduct" of FEACO (European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations).

We are Personal because ...

Personal because ...


  • All IMCN members are consultancies where the managing partner (CEO) usually leads no more than 20 qualified and experienced consultants.
  • The IMCN vision is based on the understanding that effective and satisfactory consulting is derived from having confidence in the personal relationship between client and consultant.
  • The IMCN draws on the strengths of its experts to offer effective consulting according to individual needs.
  • A relationship with an IMCN consultant opens the door to further business relationships and to a wider network of professional services.
  • The consultant you work with ensures you receive the best value from the network.

We are Independent because ...

Independent because ...


  • All IMCN member companies are privately owned and financially independent.
  • The IMCN is managed with a minimum of administrative overheads.
  • The entrepreneurial and free spirit of IMCN consultants means you have access to a quality source of innovative and practical improvements
  • The consultants who visit you are the people you will work with. They are committed to remain in the project for the duration of the assignment.