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Restructing a manufacturer in the energy sector

The Dutch daughter company «X» of a Europe-wide operating German steel conglomerate is in big trouble. «X» produces huge heatexchangers for the European energy industry (power plants). The reason for the troubles is their cost structure which is 55% higher than the Korean competitor‘s. In the last few years «X» tried to explain this fact with the argument of higher quality.   > read more

How to digitalise a European mail-order business?

Our client, a successful holding company, which acts as a strategic roof for numerous independent and attractive fashion and lifestyle brands operating in the mail order business, asked ANXO MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GmbH to support its transformation from a traditional mail order business to a multi channel retailer.   > read more

How to develop a concept of product management for a European service card provider?

Our client, a leading provider of international service and refueling cards throughout Europe, asked ANXO MANAGEMENT CONSULTING GmbH to develop and define a central product management.   > read more

CABB – Cooperativa Agricola de Beja e Brinches

In one of the most important M&A operations in the history of the Social Sector of Portugal, two Agriculture Cooperatives merged in the Region of Alentejo, namely the Cooperatives of Beja and Brinches. This project resulted in a single entity (CABB) already considered one of the larger producers of olive oil at a national level.   > read more

In the role of a board member during challenging times

When a company goes bankrupt, the liquidator aims to sell its assets at the highest possible price. Saving employment and long-term perspectives for a sold subsidiary are not considered. In this situation the management consultant is taking an extraordinary role.   > read more

Turtle - Autonomous support system for subsea operations

The overall objective of the TURTLE project aims to develop key technologies for sustainable and long-term presence in the deep ocean.   > read more

«Turning the best engineers into best salesmen»

GEA Technika Cieplna company - a member of German GEA concern – focuses on the selection, design and manufacture of high-performance heat exchangers.   > read more
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How to develop an international e-commerce strategy and set up distribution channels

How to guide a global consumer goods company to develop and implement a tailor-made e-commerce strategy which is in line with the general strategy? See how to set up new distribution channels.   > read more

WS Recycling Diesel: French plant, Austrian shareholders and Swiss customers: an international project by IMCN consultants

When it comes to eliminate cultural and administrative barriers, IMCN consultants easily join forces and will succeed.   > read more
Completed by: Hommes & Performance

A successful post merger integration of three firms

The task of merging three firms into one is extremely challenging and demands careful negociations.   > read more

How to sustain growth in a department store chain

Monoprix and Hommes et Performance were jointly nominated in 2009 for the award „Les Espoirs du management“, for the initiative regarding management and professionalisation of the cashing staff. “Les Espoirs du management” is a prize attributed yearly to management initiatives delivering value to an organisation and its employees.   > read more
Completed by: Hommes & Performance

Hot times, fights and a difficult situation

City of Zurich: „Sewage (waste water) sludge affair“ - successful accomplishment   > read more

How to judge investments in hedge funds - a Dutch case of a 320 million Euro branch investment

A remarkable Dutch experience - At the end of the year 2007 management consultancy firm Van Oortmerssen Organisatie-Advies was approached to execute a due diligence process and was asked to judge two proposals from two major Dutch Banks. The diligence process was developed by us through a tailor-made judgement of criteria on behalf of these two interest-groups.   > read more

How to enter the European market?

Every marketplace follows its own rules. The same applies to the German automotive market. That means, even competitive products do not automatically succeed in new geographic markets. The key to a successful and sustainable market development is a consistently elaborated and executed market entry strategy.   > read more

Executive coaching – with unorthodox methods

Hosting an international conference is a demanding job and juggling all its challenges needs a lot of experience. In this case the necessary gain in experience was achieved exceptionally fast and led to an overwhelming personal success.   > read more

New organisation and new systems for competing global markets

"Supermarket trolleys: millions are used everyday – but do you know who makes them?”   > read more